Saturday, March 10, 2012

Coffee, etc.

Well. That's embarrassing. I just read my last post. And here I am, more than a month later, and with no updates to speak of. On the bright side I have a shiny new job that allows me more time to write.

Also, I've realized that part of the reason I so rarely post is that I feel guilty doing so if I don't have a recipe for all you lovely readers. So I'm here to tell you that from this point onward some of these posts are going to be reviews of sorts. Upon re-reading my original, first post I realized that I said this blog would include food experiences, not just recipes, so I'm reaffirming that statement.

On that note I spent a couple of hours today at a new-ish coffee place called Seven Grams. I have to say, I'm pretty enamoured with it. Living at Yonge and St. Clair has its benefits, namely the inherent safety of the area and it's proximity to the subway, but it's also seriously lacking on the independent coffee scene. Needless to say I am thrilled that I've found a relatively close, indie cafe that not only has good coffee, but excellent seating for all my writerly needs.

Located on Avenue Road, just one block south of Davenport, it's only a short bus ride away from my apartment. It's close enough that it doesn't feel like a journey to get there, but far enough to motivate myself to work since I did just drag my laptop with me. They have lots of seating, including a communal table on the upper level where the coffee counter is, and more seating downstairs, conveniently separated from the constant stream of people on the main level.

What you see here is my lovely Americano misto--two shots of espresso, hot water, and some steamed milk for those of you who don't know. This is pretty much my ideal drink because I find lattes too milky at times, yet I always put milk in my Americano.

And this one was perfect. Smooth and strong, but without being bitter, and just the right amount of milk to balance it.

I also purchased this delicious scone because I am incapable of confronting a pastry case without buying something. And it was worth every penny. I wish there had been more of it. Light and crumbly and that cheese. It had just the right amount of saltiness that I was craving. I don't know where they get their food products, but I intend to ask them next time I'm there.

And there will most certainly be a next time. I think I've finally found my spot. My spot to write that is. Somewhere I can park myself and not feel like I'm being ushered out, not too loud, but busy enough to provide some decent people watching. I'll keep you updated as I make my way through the coffee menu and food stuffs.

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  1. Hi Gen ... Thanks for your latest post. I was thinking you were giving up. Hope the new job is awesome. I am following you on twitter now...but due to age and talent related issues it may be awhile before i really get it. ;)